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Andrew Hollander is a junior studying Finance and Accounting in the Martin J. Whitman School of Management. Andrew has obtained internships in three areas of the financial industry and previously served as Growth Fund Manager at SU Investment Club. Andrew hopes to leverage his leadership skills and knowledge of financial markets to educate and prepare club members for a career in the financial industry. Andrew is currently a Junior Analyst at Orange Value Fund and will join Wells Fargo’s Corporate & Investment Banking Healthcare Group as a 2021 Summer Analyst. Andrew is a Swedish and American citizen who enjoys traveling and snowboarding in his free time.


Vice President

Matt is a junior from Huntington, N.Y. He is double majoring in Finance and Accounting with a minor in Information Technology. Matt’s passion for the financial markets comes from his interest in keeping up to date with the performance of companies and learning new things every day. Along with SUIC, Matt applies his financial knowledge through his work with the Orange Value Fund. As Vice President, Matt hopes to make investing and the markets a less intimidating subject for new members entering the realm of finance.

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Head Portfolio Manager

Nick is a junior from Allentown, PA. He is currently studying Finance and Accounting in the Whitman School of Management. His passion for finance and investing has grown as a result of personal and professional experience managing portfolios across a variety of sectors and asset classes during his college years. His goal as the club’s Head Portfolio Manager is to educate members on making strong investment decisions from a variety of perspectives and strategies. In doing so, he hopes that club members will be able to engage in productive discussions about the market to develop better investment ideas for the club’s portfolio.


Chief Technology Officer

Adam Schreiber is a sophomore from Los Angeles attending the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University where he majors in both Finance and Accounting. As Chief Technology Officer of the Syracuse University Investment Club, Adam manages the club’s website and streamlines the process for connecting new members. He has had experiences in portfolio pitches and currency trading through the club’s involvement with CME. In high school, Adam founded and was president of his school’s first Investment Club. He was responsible for raising the initial funds and led the club to return 22% on the first year of its invested portfolio. Adam has a passion for sports and plays on the Syracuse Club Baseball Team. He is also an avid photographer and a member of the Los Angeles Center of Photography.

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Chief Research Officer

Isaac Reisman is a junior at Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management double majoring in Finance & Accounting with a minor in Global Political Economy. Isaac’s passion for finance has led him to this leadership position in which he helps members obtain current research and provide guidance during stock pitches. He is responsible for helping manage the club’s current holdings and overseeing future investments for the fund. Along with his position in SUIC, Isaac is a member of Start Smart, Enactus, which helps young students within the Syracuse community.


Macro Portfolio Manager

Avery is a junior from Yorba Linda, California. She is pursuing a double major in Finance and Economics along with a minor in Chinese. As the Macro Fund Manager for the Investment Club, Avery is hoping to educate members of the club about the effects of macroeconomic and geopolitical trends on global markets and the different investment strategies used to capitalize on such events. Outside of the SUIC, Avery is the President of the Economics Student Association (ESA) and a member of the Renée Crown University Honors Program.

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Growth Fund Manager

Alex is a sophomore at the Martin J. Whitman School of Management from Westfield, New Jersey. He is majoring in Finance and Accounting, with a double minor in Data Analytics and Economics. Alex found his passion for investing early in high school and continues to strengthen his knowledge and interest throughout his time at Syracuse. Serving as Growth Fund Manager, he aims to strength the club’s portfolio by looking for high growth investments in emerging companies and industries. Previously serving as Chief Research Officer, along with experience from his internship at a financial technology startup, ETFication, and serving as a campus rep for a financial modeling program, Adventis, Alex hopes to continue to be an effective member of Executive Board. He strives to teach club members the best practices to analyze investments by using technical analysis and financial modeling. Additionally, Alex enjoys soccer, running, cooking and guitar.


Contrarian Fund Manager

Yash, coming from the Bay Area, is a freshman in the Whitman School of Management majoring in Finance and intends to double major in the iSchool. As Contrarian Fund Manager, Yash represents the unorthodox side of the market – providing insights on market strategies that do not meet the status quo. Previously, Yash established a hedge fund holding $75,000 trading alternative assets. Now, Yash exemplifies entrepreneurship through his positions at Fion, a venture-backed fire prediction software company, and Contrary Capital, a venture firm backed by Tesla, Facebook, and more. Yash hopes to motivate other members to consider unusual market strategies when rational.

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Value Fund Manager

Anthony is a freshman from Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. He currently studies International Relations in the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, drawing his passion for investing from personal experience. As Value Fund Manager, his goal is to foster engagement and help others better understand the role of value investing in finance. Anthony encourages involvement from students of all majors at Syracuse University, knowing that the desire to invest is boundless.



Zack Fine is a sophomore from Bayside, New York. He is pursuing a double major in Economics and Supply Chain Management, with a minor in Data Analytics. His passion for project management and investing has brought him to the Syracuse University Investment Club, where he is responsible for overseeing the cash flows of the fund’s bank account and managing the funding for club activities. Alongside his position at SU Investment Club, Zack works at the Syracuse Makerspace and is a member of Syracuse TAMID.

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Head of Member Development

Ethan is a sophomore student in the Whitman School of Management from Winnetka, IL. He is currently pursuing a double major in Finance and Data Analytics. His interest in the finance started in junior high through an investment competition and researching market trends. As Head of Member Development, Ethan aims to grow engagement of new members and connect them to funds where they can actively contribute and learn. By doing so, he hopes more members will have confidence researching and presenting investment pitches to the club.